When Life Doesn’t Go As Planned – Aha Moment #1

Aha Moment n.

A moment of sudden insight or discovery

About a year and a half ago, I graduated from college (Go Knights!). On my graduation cap, I wrote a little saying that you might have heard of before: “The Best is Yet To Come”. I thought it would best fit the direction I saw my life heading in. I was expectant and hopeful as I was about to be pushed out into the real world and I assumed it could only go up from there.

WELLLL, it didn’t go as expected. What happens when things don’t turn out the way you thought they were going to go? That job you thought you wanted so bad, actuallyyy kind of sucks. The guy you thought you would spend the rest of your life with is now spending his life with someone else. The friend you thought you could never live without, is no longer in your life. You keep failing at your dreams or you’ve stopped dreaming all together and those 5 words start making you question everything. Is the best really going to come? Because it feels like in the last year and a half, I’ve gone through more struggle and internal obstacles than I’ve ever had. And from what I’ve been told, this isn’t even as bad as get LOL. I say LOL because sometimes it’s just so that all you can do is laugh. Has anyone been at that place before?

SO life isn’t working out the way I thought it would. I’m going through some things, worrying A TON, not trusting God, the whole shebang. So like a good Christian, I thought I would read my Bible to see if I could get any revelation to give me peace. I started reading 2 Samuel 7 and it’s about King David as he’s talking to the prophet Nathan.

God gave him a glimpse of his future and King David started to thank God not only for where he was now but for what was coming. So I’m thinking, of course King David can be so positive he knows what’s coming LOL. If I knew the good things coming into my life, I could be positive too! But that’s not where this is going. Here’s the part that stuck out to me:

But that’s nothing compared to what’s coming

2 Samuel 7:19 (MSG)

This is the sentence that made me remember that the best is yet to come. At this point, I had honestly forgotten all about that little phrase that I put on my cap. I had forgotten how it felt to write that little sentence that meant so much to me at the time. That was expectant Makeda who wrote that. So I think the point in all of this is that whether or not we have a glimpse of our future, the best is always yet to come. God, always wants the best for us. Those dreams and visions didn’t get there by chance or by accident, he placed them there. He gave them to us. So when you’re going through a hard time and things aren’t going as planned, remember that there are bigger things at work that sometimes we can’t see. Those detours are only layers in our lives that help us build the character we need to achieve the dreams and visions our hearts so desire. It’s remembering that it’s not about us, but about the Kingdom.

One of my really good friends told me,

“Life isn’t going to go as you expect it. You have to be able to adapt to the curve balls it throws at you. You’ve got to go with the flow”

So this my friends, is my adulting/aha moment numero uno: Life isn’t going to go as planned, but in the craziness of it all, be patient, be expectant, and remember that the best is yet to come.


Photo by Fabian Møller on Unsplash

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Apartment Reveal Pt. 2 – The Bedroom #athomewithkeda

AHHH it’s finally here??! After I took to insta story (btw, follow me on insta) the other day to show you guys some new updates I’ve been making to my room, so many people wanted to see a blog post on it. This has been in the making since pt. 1 of the apartment reveal (If you didn’t see my apartment reveal pt. 1, go check it out!), but I wanted to make sure my room was just right. There are still some changes I want to make and things I want to add, butttttt for now, it’s perfect! 🙂 The vibe I was going for was neutral and simplistic. I get a lot of my inspiration from Studio Mcgee. I literally love everything they do so I kept that in mind when I was creating my own room. Now onto the decor ?

The Bed

So when looking for a bed, I knew I wanted something upholstered. Unfortunately, I have allergies and after many arguments with my mom (LOL), I realized that maybe a full upholstered bed wasn’t the best idea ?. Thanks to my mom, I stumbled upon this AMAZING bed from City Furniture. When I saw it came in a set, I almost died! Everything was completely the look I was going for. I am not a dark wood kind of girl, so give me anything that looks weathered. I’m also obsessed with grey, so this bed was right up my alley. Remember when I said there were some things I wanted to change? That would be my bedding. I’m not obsessed with my bedding and how my bed is styled but I do love my white, down alternative pillows from Stein Mart. They are sooooo comfortable ?. And my bohemian, yarn decor that’s above my bed? Yeah, I made it. Crazy right? Some of these yarn decor pieces can go for close to $100 and I made this for less than $10.


The Nightstand

So I only have one nightstand in my room and it’s on the side of the bed that I sleep on. This was key for what I wanted to keep on top of it. Here are my 3 nightstand must-haves:

  1. A lamp. At night, I’m usually doing two things: journaling and reading a book. I’ll be the first to admit that I’m kind of lazy and the switch to my overhead light is ALLLLL the way on the other side of my room. So the lamp provides the right amount of light and I can easily switch it off when I’m finished. I wanted to bring some darker elements into my room, so I bought this black task lamp from Target. I’m also loving the vibe it gives off.
  2. A Candle. My favorite thing to do when I’ve had a really stressful day is to light a candle, play some music, and put on a face mask. I usually get my candles from target because they have my absolute favorite scent: Grey Flannel. I have that candle on the other side of my room but this pink magnolia one is great too!
  3. Coasters. I tend to drink a ton! I always have a drink in hand, so there are coasters all over my apartment. I got these cute marble ones from TJ Maxx and I always set them on top of my lamp when I’m not using them.

Along with my must-haves, I have a couple of prints from Pinterest hanging above. Cute prints tend to jazz up any space. The rest of my nightstand includes awesome fake foliage that I got from Hobby Lobby and a few magazines and books that I’m currently reading. OH! And I can’t forget about my extra pillows and blankets; they’re chilling in this decorative wire basket that I got from Burlington.


The Dresser

Okay, before you laugh, yes I know my TV is extremely small LOL. It’s one of the things that I’m working on.

The focal part of the wall is a small gallery that I created out of these gold matted frames I found at Dollar Tree! Yes, I said it… Dollar Tree. I know right? I tend to change out the prints that are in these frames, depending on how I’m feeling. I also placed a couple of my journals and books on the dresser and the rest I try to spread out around my apartment (because let’s face it, I have a TON so I might as well use them as decor). Beside my TV, I decided to place a fan from TJ Maxx that my cousin so graciously lets me borrow (Thanks T’shelle!). It’s not only for the look but also because my room tends to get extremely hot (Thanks Florida ?). And then, to the right of the dresser, we move over to my favorite corner of my room. How many times did I say favorite in this blog post so far? LOL! But I think this is really my FAVORITE part. I have been looking at that tripod lamp, from Target, for over a year. It’s $80 which isn’t horrible, but I was like “Do I really want to spend $80 on a lamp??” Soooo thanks to my personal shopping assistant Shoptagr, it alerted me when it was on sale and I got it for half off! Obsessed would be an understatement! This lamp is definitely one of the best pieces in my room for sure! And I love how the eucalyptus looks right next to it, all of which I got from Hobby Lobby. This corner is just to die for!

The “Other” Dresser

I’m not actually sure what you would call this piece LOL. Maybe a chest of drawers? Anyway, instead of a 2nd nightstand, the bedroom set came with this piece. I wasn’t sure how I felt about it, but the extra storage is a plus! Styling it has always been difficult, but I think I’ve found a great way to do that- Simplicity. The artwork is from Hobby Lobby and I stacked some magazines to give the flowers and candle some height. Oh, btw, this is my (I’m not going to say the F word) most loved candle. Side Note: It was a lot harder trying to find a word to replace “the forbidden word” I thought lol. It smells like a cross between clean linen and a man. Sounds perfect right? Aside from what you see on top of this dresser, I also keep my collection of nail polish and a few accessories in the slot while my necklaces hang on the wall to the side.

And that’s it! Throughout the post, I tried to link exact or similar items so you guys can find them easily. If something isn’t linked, just let me know! I’ll be sure to update you on where I got it from. You can also shop some items down below 🙂 If you have any other home decor related posts you want me to share, please leave a comment!

– M
BTW, I only said favorite 5 times in this blog post. It’s not as bad as I thought ?

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It’s Leather Jacket Season – The Perfect Summer to Fall Transition Outfit

Fall is finally here! Well, Florida’s weather hasn’t gotten the memo yet, but the calendar says October 🙂 We are in the last quarter of the year! Can you believe it? I feel like 2017 has flown by. I also feel like I say that phrase every year LOL. Since I know I’m not the only one that is jazzed about it being fall but bummed that they can’t start wearing all of their fall clothes yet, I decided to create a transition outfit.

I’m all about looking good with as little effort as possible, so a dress is one of my go-to’s. It makes it look like you tried, but deep down it was really because you didn’t feel like putting on pants haha. I have tons of dresses in my closet: short, long, tight, lose, sparkly, leather, you name it. It’s something I highly suggest every girl to stalk up on. This one is from Ross. I’m telling you guys, don’t sleep on Ross! It could be a pain, yes I know. And those lines, forget about it! But you can find some really great pieces there. Yeah, they may not be the best quality, but I believe that if you take care of your things (no matter the quality), they will last you a long time. Ross has tons of these dresses and they usually range from 8-10 dollars! WHAT A STEAL! I always gravitate towards neutral colors and when it comes to fall, I pretty much ONLY wear neutral colors.Now on to the “fall-ness” of this outfit.

Fall is ALL about layering. What’s great with layering is that you can take things off! Cue my favorite jacket in the whole wide world. I wrote a whole blog post about how my leather jacket is my best friend, that’s how much I love it. Since the jacket is a layering piece, us hot weather people can always take it off when you step out of the cool AC and step into the 90-degree weather :/ This leather jacket is from Forever 21 and it’s a pretty lightweight jacket.

I paired it with these cutout boots from American Eagle which are to die for! You’re still getting the fall bootie vibe but the cutouts help your feet breathe in this hot and humid weather (if ya know what I mean). I tend to keep it simple when it comes to the accessories, so I just paired it with my MK watch and my black cross body from Forever 21.

SO even though the weather is not as cool as I would like it to be, I still try to make it work! I can’t wear summer clothes forever LOL. If you loved some of the pieces in this post, there are similar items listed below 🙂






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3 Tips For Decorating Your First Apartment + Apartment Reveal #athomewithkeda


It’s finally here! You don’t even know how excited I am to be sharing pieces of my apartment with you. I absolutely LOVE how it turned out! Like every person that is obsessed with decorating, I can’t say that it will stay like this forever or that it’s complete, but I can say that it’s comfy, homey, fabulous and so very me. Not only will I be sharing my apartment, but I also will be sharing some tips for decorating your first apartment on a budget.

If money was unlimited and I could get anything I wanted, I would head straight to Restoration Hardware (can anyone say expensive taste?) and buy the whole showroom as is LOL. But money was not unlimited and I was working with a just gradated from college budget. It’s okay, don’t panic if that’s you too! You don’t need to have all the money in the world to make your apartment look good and I’m glad I get to share with you some of the tips and tricks I learned a long the way.

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Being Single Sucks

Side Note: How cute is this picture? I love it!

Don’t judge by the title. I promise it’s not going to be all negative. It’s just an open an honest conversation, from me to you, on being single. I’m actually thankful for my singleness (It took a lot of prayers and a lot of revelations to get to this moment lol), but there are some sucky moments if I’m being real. This is just the disclaimer, so let’s start this off right!

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