Life Lately…

So sorry I haven’t been able to put up a proper post for you guys this week, but it has been busy! Next week starts finals week and I have been attempting to study for my finals coming up. I say attempted because my mind is already on summer lol. But since I was not able to write a full post, I thought I would catch you guys up on a few of the things I did this past week.

On Friday (4/18), I went to California Pizza Kitchen with one of my good friends. If you have never been to California Pizza Kitchen, you definitely should try and make it there as soon as possible. It is my favorite restaurant because everything I try there, I usually end up loving. I don’t go to CPK too often because as a college student, it’s kind of on the higher price range. The pizza in the picture is their Thai chicken pizza. It has chicken, peanut sauce instead of the normal marinara type pizza sauce, carrots, sprouts, green onions, and peanuts. It is soooo good!! I always get it in the thin crust, because I like thin crust pizza the best. If you ever go there, I also recommend the Kung Pao spaghetti (my absolute favorite), Jamaican jerk pizza, and the sesame ginger chicken dumplings.


On Saturday, I went to Florida Mall to help my friend shop for a dress for her formal. Florida mall is definitely one of the most visited malls in Orlando, so it is ALWAYS busy. My outfit is pretty much all Forever 21. The top I got a while back, but the shorts and the bag I got recently so they should still be in stores! The shoes are Steve Madden look-a-likes from Payless. I usually don’t like shopping at payless because the prices are a little unreasonable for a store that’s name says you’ll “pay less”. These were only 12 dollars, so I didn’t think twice when getting them. 

Tuesday, my friend Gaby and I hung out and we found ourselves at Walgreens. We initially went in there for one thing and ended up getting a whole bunch of other things we did not need. You know us girls love shopping and places like Walgreens and Target are a trap with their cute things at reasonable prices. When cashing out, we had a really nice cashier, who was kind of cute. So when he asked us to donate to the the Red Nose Charity, I obviously couldn’t say no. For donating, we got red noses and of course we had to take a selfie.

This is the nail polish I’ve had on my fingernails all week and I love it. I’ve been getting a lot of compliments on it too! It is Check Me Out by L’oreal. The rings are another thing I’ve been loving. I actually got them at Charlotte Russe in two different sets for 10 dollars. 

On Friday (yesterday), I went to Disney World for the first time in 8 years. YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY! It was absolutely amazing! I got my first pair of Minnie ears and I got to meet my all time favorite Disney Princess, Cinderella. I definitely fan-girled when she told me she liked my Minnie ears and my smile. For my outfit I wore: A Mickey Mouse crop top I got at Walmart, high-waisted shorts from Hollister, a flannel I thrifted, and my high top, all white Converse. Note to self: do not wear them when having to walk around for a billion miles. My feet were killing me at the end of the night. I really don’t know how they used to play basketball in those shoes, because they have no support.And now today, which is Saturday, I have been buckling down and finishing last minute projects, homework, and studying for my finals. I am currently taking a break from doing my women’s studies homework and final paper, so I decided to do a catch up with this blog post, since I won’t have time tomorrow to do one. For everyone that has finals in the next couple of weeks, good luck! I know I need all the prayers I can get with my upcoming finals.

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Ralph Lauren Catalog, Here I Come

Sweater – Ralph Lauren (similar here) | Jeans – Hollister & Co | Booties – Forever 21 (similar here w/ some fringe) | Watch – Michael Kors | Bag – Michael Kors

Ralph Lauren Catalog Model

I absolutely love this outfit! The whole time we were taking the pictures for it, I felt like I should be in a Ralph Lauren catalog. I mean, I’m surprised they didn’t hire me already. Actually, I don’t even know if they do catalogs, but someone let Ralph know that I’m ready whenever he needs me lol. For those who know me, you know that Ralph Lauren holds a special place in my heart because my mother works for the company. So over the years, I have collected a lot of pieces from the brand. Ralph Lauren truly is a visionary when it comes to his brand. The man had a holographic fashion show for crying out loud! It amazes me that his company started out with only ties for men and even his ties got shut down from the start. The man has expanded his brand from children’s clothes to paint. There really is no stopping him. Now he not only has his own coffee shop but also a restaurant; there’s not many fashion designers that can say they have a restaurant and a coffee shop. His ambition is what sets him a part. If you could give me like an hour, I could keep talking about him (I did a research paper on Ralph Lauren and got a 100 on it). But since I have to talk about my outfit, I’ll spear you guys this one time.

Ralph Lauren Catalog Model 2

Okay so the sweater I first saw on my mother and I was like mom I need that sweater in my life. Low and behold on Christmas day that sweater was under the tree thanks to my amazing mother. What Ralph Lauren always captures in his clothes are simplicity and in each label there are classic pieces. I think this sweater is pretty timeless. It’s not something in a couple years I’m going to look at it and be like yeah I’m never going to wear that again. I feel like it’s sooooo important to understand buying timeless pieces to add to your closet, especially as I get older. I’m currently in the process of cleaning out my closet from all the things I don’t see myself wearing or haven’t worn in awhile and it is quite a headache. If I had gotten that concept down a couple years ago, it wouldn’t be so hard. But that’s why I love this sweater; it still has its pizzazz with the american flag on it, but it’s something I’ll keep in my closet.

Ralph Lauren Catalog Model 3

My jeans are my favorite alex jean legging from Hollister. I mentioned those in my leather jacket post (which is pretty awesome and if you haven’t checked it out, you should). They are super stretchy and I like the wash on them. It’s like a mix of a medium and a dark wash. My booties are from F21 and it’s almost time to give them up. I was in so much pain shooting this look because they are soooo tight on me, but I love them and I hate having to part with things that I love. Hence one of the reasons why it’s so hard for me to clean out my closet (you never know when I might use that Hawaiian shirt again that I haven’t used in like two years). To accessorize, I paired this outfit with my Micahel Kors Selma and my MK two-tone watch.

Ralph Lauren Catalog Model 4

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Closet Essentials

Denim Shirt – Walmart (similar here) | Striped Shirt – Hollister & Co. (similar here) | Black Leggings – Forever 21 | Black Booties – Forever 21 (currently craving this one here) | Bag – Michael Kors | Sunnies – Forever 21 (similar here) | Watch – Michael Kors

closet essentials 2 (1 of 1)

I’ve recently had a slight obsession with striped shirts. I don’t know, there’s just something about the simplicity that makes it so fabulous. This particular one is from Hollister, which by far is one of my favorite stores at the moment. Anyone who really knows me is probably tired of me talking about Hollister. I swear to you at least one thing that I’m wearing on most days is from there or Abercrombie. I’m just extremely impressed with they’re brand makeover, but I think that’s just the public relations in me.

closet essentials (4 of 7)

Anywayyyyy, I like this shirt because of how comfortable it is and it’s also legging friendly, so it covers my butt. Not that I really care about that part that much, but it’s something a lot of people take into consideration when buying t-shirts like this one. Leggings are something every girl should have multiple pairs of. If you don’t own a pair of leggings, go out and buy one now. I swear you’ll thank me for it later. The denim shirt was from the Miley Cyrus x Max Azria collection for Walmart. That collection was honestly one of my favorite collaborations with a lower end store. It had great everyday pieces for decent prices. I believe I got this denim shirt for like 3 dollars on clearance! Yeah I know, crazy right? The shoes are these black booties I picked up from Forever. They are really comfortable, but the slight chunky heel dresses the outfit up a bit. Of course I topped off the outfit with my MK bag and watch, another one of my obsessions. closet essentials 1 (5 of 5)


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Wynwood Walls

For spring break, I went back home to south Florida to spend some time with my family. After seeing countless pictures of Wynwood walls all over my news feed and timelines, I decided to take a trip there myself. So I rounded up my cousin and a close friend, and we took the hour drive to Wynwood. After being there, I now see why everyone loves it so much. It really is spectacular. The art is incredible. Not only do the actual walls have art on them, but the whole area is submerged in the art culture. The shops, restaurants, building all have their own style to them, it was almost overwhelming. I didn’t even know where to begin as I stood in awe of all that was around me.

When we got there, I knew I wanted to take pictures by the infamous flower wall. As a wannabe flower child its only necessary right? From there we just walked through the walls and took pictures. It was extremely hot, but with an outfit change, we powered through. We only stayed there for a couple of hours but if you are ever in the Miami area, I highly recommend that you go check it out. It’s definitely a place I want to go back to and just spend the whole day. Here are a couple of the pictures we took when we were there. It was hard narrrowing them down because we took so many of them.


wynwood-about me (5 of 10)sprannng break (16 of 16)

wynwood part 2 (4 of 12)wynwood part 2 (5 of 12)wynwood part 2 (8 of 12)wynwood part 2 (10 of 12)wynwood part 2 (11 of 12)wynwood part 2 (2 of 12)wynwood part 2 (1 of 12)

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What’s In My Bag: Michael Kors Sutton

whats in my bag (6 of 7) whats in my bag (5 of 7) whats in my bag (2 of 7)

My pride and joy has been this purse: Michael Kors Sutton Medium in black. I am so glad I got it in the medium size because it is perfect. It fits all of my necessities with ease, so I have room to throw in the random things as well. The double zipper feature is my favorite part and one of the reasons I bought the purse. It reminds me a lot of the Prada double zipper bag. I usually put my valuable things in the zipper portions of the bag and just throw everything else in there. This bag goes everywhere with me, except for school (I think it’s too nice of a bag for school). I’m so happy I got it in black, because I use it so much more than my Selma that I have in brown. The saffiano leather makes it very durable for the amount of times I’ve accidentally banged it on something. I’m glad it’s still alive. Now let’s see all the junk I keep in there:

whats in my bag (4 of 7) with numbers1. Journal – TJ Maxx 2. Pen – Walmart 3. Cosmetic Bag – Ipsy 4. Wallet – Steve Madden (not similar but cute one here) 5. iPhone 5 w/ bunny case 6. Keys with Ralph Lauren card holder (similar here).

I usually have a journal, whether it be to take notes at church or just to jot down things quickly. I get all of my journals from TJ Maxx. They have a huge selection and they never disappoint. Of course to go along with my journal, I need a pen. I think it’s necessary to have a pen in your bag whether you journal or not because you never know when you might need one. The cosmetic bag is one of the ones you get from your Ipsy subscription. I usually switch them out because I have sooooo many of them. My wallet is Steve Madden and I love it. It has card slots on both side with a flap in the middle for coins. My phone is the iPhone 5 and yes I know I am wayyyy behind, my upgrade is almost here thank God! But I have this cute bunny case on it that I got from amazon. Last but not least are my keys. I have my car, apartment, bedroom, and house keys on there. Attached to them, I have my Ralph Lauren card holder. I usually keep it empty, but I like to have it to throw my necessary cards (school ID, drivers licence, debit/credit cards) when I want to run out without my purse.


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