The Leather Jacket: A Girl’s Best Friend

Leather Jacket – Forever21 (similar here) | Tee – Brandy Melville | Jeans – Hollister Co. | Shoes – Walmart (also similar here) | Bag – Michael Kors

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The Leather Jacket: I believe every girl should have a leather jacket as one of their staples in their closet. I love pieces that completely transform your outfits. I’m all about making it look like you tried when you really didn’t. It also pulls the look together and jazzes it up. I lucked out and found this leather jacket in the kids section of Forever21. Yes I know, it’s sad that I can still fit in things in the kids section but hey, it works. Because I found it in the kids section, I actually got a good deal on it. The thing with leather jackets is that they can kind of become expensive. of course mine is faux leather , so it’s a little bit cheaper, but places like Forever21 and H&M are great places to find inexpensive pieces.

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One reoccurring concept you will start to notice in my outfits is that I love basics. You can pair a leather jacket with everything. Jeans and a tee, a dress, a skirt and a blouse; the pairings are endless which makes it an excellent versatile piece in your wardrobe. For this pairing, I just had on a striped tee from Brandy Melville, that I adore, my favorite Hollister Jean Leggings, black slip-ons that I found in yet another kids section (the little boys section at Walmart) and of course my Michael Kors Bag.

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Bloglovin’ is this awesome website that allows you to keep track of all your favorite blogs in one place. It is set up as essentially a newsfeed and whenever any of the blogs you follow have a new post it’s on there. There is even an extension for Google Chrome that allows you to have alerts when new blog posts are up. Now you can follow my blog as well as your other favorites by clicking the link below.

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A New Slate…


Welcome to my new and improved blog! I’ve been thinking about revamping the blog for awhile now and with the help of one of my good friends, it finally happened. A special thanks to all of my followers that were with me when From Me To You was on blogspot and welcome to all of my new followers! Take some time to explore the new site and get ready for all the new and exciting blog posts that are soon to come.


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